Mentorship Programs

Applications for Winter 2019 Peer Mentorship are now closed.

Check back soon for information about the 2019 Professional Mentorship Program!


Being a student preparing for life after graduation can be hard on your own. Through the years, we’ve created  countless connections  through our chapter meetings and networking events to enhance the professional development of public relations students at the University of Oregon. The goal of our Mentorship Programs, launched in 2014, is to foster connections within PRSSA and SOJC, as well as outside the university with professionals in the public relations industry.

Our Peer Mentorship Program creates connections among University of Oregon students. Each term, we pair public relations students who  are more advanced in the PR program with students that are new to the program or developing an early interest in the PR program.

For dues-paying members, we offer  the Professional Mentorship Program. This program is an opportunity for UO PRSSA dues members to network and connect with a public relations professionals. The Professional Mentorship Program takes place once a year in the spring.

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Peer Mentorship Program Benefits

Peer Mentorship

The peer mentorship program connects advanced public relations students at the University of Oregon with younger students who are interested in public relations. By being involved in this program, mentors share knowledge and personal experiences about being a part of the public relations program. Mentees, this is a chance to get questions answered and connect with like-minded individuals to learn about their experience in the PR major.

Applications for Winter 2019 Peer Mentorship are open now.

  • To become a peer mentee, click here.

  • To become a peer mentor, click here.

Contact Vice President Aryel Marquez with questions at

Professional Mentorship

The UO PRSSA Professional Mentorship Program aims to connect public relations professionals with current public relations students. Through one-on-one mentoring, students build their professional network and gain valuable insight about the public relations industry from experienced professionals.

To participate in the program, students are required to have served as a mentor or mentee in the peer mentorship program over the past year and be a UO PRSSA dues-paying member. Former mentors have priority. 

We offer the Professional Mentorship Program once per year in the spring. Check back for updates.

Contact Vice President Aryel Marquez with questions at